Welcome to Aluplast Ltd.

The company “Aluplast” Ltd. was created in 1989th. The primary activity is manufacture, sale and installation of rolling shutters, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, rolling insect screens, awnings, rolling doors.


We produce acrylic retractable awnings. They provide excellent protection to your windows against heat. Because of the wide range of colors and designs available, awnings enhance the appearance of your home or restaurant.

Bases for parasols


In recent few years the company “Aluplast” Ltd. has become renowned producer of concrete bases for big advertising parasols. We work for companies that have famous brands, such as: “Apatin Brewery”, “Carlsberg”, “Heineken”, “Coca-Cola”, “Knjaz Milos”, “Frikom”, etc. We also export our concrete bases to Hungarian, Croatian and Bulgarian markets too.


We improved our production by keeping contact with our customers and we can proudly say that we have the product which fulfills all technical and esthetic standards. We have attests done at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, Serbia, as well as the patent application for original solution of fixing the metal tube into the concrete base.


There are several types of concrete bases:

  • ·         Round concrete base 54 kg, dimension 60 x 9 cm,
  • ·         Round concrete bases 75 kg, dimension 60 x 12 cm,
  • ·         Square concrete bases 22 kg, dimension 35 x 35 x 9 cm.

Rolling shutters

We produce PVC and aluminum rolling shutters. Aluminium rolling shutters are made ​​of slats with polyrethane insulation. They make your home safer, you need less energy, noise reduction and improves your indoor climate.